Spectacles and other products

Koillis-Optiikka always has a wide collection of stylish frames. As an independent operator, we are free to select our products from different brands and can therefore guarantee a unique collection to choose from. Our shop is located in the centre of Kemijärvi.

Wide and constantly renewed selection of designer frames

Our store has a wide selection of designer frames from many well-known brands. We regularly renew our collection and if not in stock, we can order your favourite frames from the manufacturer. We only use top range lenses produced with the latest technology.

We sell lenses from the following top range producers:

Contact lenses and care products

We sell contact lenses and all products for cleaning, rinsing and disinfecting contact lenses, care products for spectacles, but also optical sunglasses, sports and work eyewear. Our product range also includes magnifying glasses, binoculars, telescopes; parts, accessories and cleaning products for hearing aids.

We sell contact lenses from the following brands:

Our professional staff is here to help you choose the best products and explain how to look after your eyewear.

Contact us and visit the store!

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In the summer, our store is closed on Saturdays.

Optiikan Luontaistuote - natural health products

Koillis Optiikka Luontaistuote store operates in the same premises and sells a wide range of natural health products to support your well-being. Come and visit us!